Mack CX Vision Radiator – 3 Row fits ’00 – ’05

SKU: RDS FLX000419 (3)


2000- 2005 Mack CX Vision Radiator

Product Description

Mack CX Vision  FLX000419(3) Radiator – 3 Row.  

This radiator replaces OEM part numbers*:

007658, 1003475, 1003546, 1050022, 2MF510AM2, 2MF10M, 3MF5529AM2, 3MF5529BM, 3MF5529M, and 3MF5529M2. 

*The use of the original manufacturers’ part number or name is for reference and identification purpose only. These radiators are not OEM parts, but are of aftermarket manufacture.

Please use this valuable information when replacing your radiator: When refilling the cooling system, use a 50/50 mixture of fresh antifreeze and clean water (distilled water is best). Getting all the air out of the system is a must, so make use of any air bleeds that are provided. If there are no air bleeds, you may have to loosen and "burp" a heater hose to get all the air out. Some thermostats have a jiggle pin or small bleeder hole that vents air making filling easier. Others do not, and can trap air causing the engine to overheat.

Check the operation of the cooling fan – especially if the engine overheated. On older rear-wheel drive vehicles with a fan clutch, check for clutch slippage or fluid leakage. Fan clutches lose their grip as they age, and can be a common cause of overheating.

Also, don’t overlook the coolant reservoir. The reservoir serves as a storage tank for excess coolant and works with the pressure cap to keep the system full of coolant. If the reservoir is damaged or full of sediment, replace it. Small leaks in the reservoir can be repaired with silicone glue. Also, make sure the hose between the radiator cap and reservoir is in good condition, properly routed, free from kinks or obstructions

These New Aftermarket Radiators are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase to the original consumer unless specifically noted. This guarantee covers parts furnished by the manufacturer but does not include labor and materials not furnished by the manufacturer or any charges for such labor, materials or associated costs. Arrow Highway Truck Parts in no event shall be liable to the purchaser for direct, special or consequential damages or loss or profits or claims of third parties against the purchasers, resulting from any cause whatsoever, including those resulting from the order or use of Arrow Highway Truck Parts products or services. Arrow Highway Truck Parts neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than as herein expressly stated.

Exclusions to this guarantee:

1. Products altered in anyway.

2. Products subjected to abuse or neglect.

3. Product use for other than original application.

4. Chemical or environmental effects.

5. Products subjected to improper installation.

6. Operator negligence.

Specific product guarantees

1. Radiator-Truck on highway (1 Year)

2. Radiator-Truck off-highway (180 Days)

3. Radiator-Other (180 Days)

Additional information

Weight150 lbs
Dimensions40 x 36 x 8 in

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