Tarp Kit – External Spring Mount: Steel Up to 28′

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Tarp Kit – External Spring Mount: Steel Up to 28′

Product Description

Tarp Kit – External Spring Mount w /Tarp Spool:ᅠSteel Up to 28′. Ideal for “Super Tens”, “Strong Arms”, Transfers, & Dump Trailers.ᅠ
The “Stealth” is a Galvanized Steel front to back direct drive tarp system and includes:ᅠ

* All Electrical Components and Hardware.

* Complete High Strength Galvanized Steel Arm Set with External Mount Springs.

* Tarp Spool Assembly with Tomahawk Motor.ᅠ

* In-Cab Mount Switch Kit.ᅠ

* Easy Bolt-on Application.

* VinylᅠTarps Measure 7′ 6″ Wide and are OfferedᅠinᅠBlack 18 Ounce, with 6″ Vinyl Pockets on the Short End,ᅠEyes and Webbing on the Long Side

ᅠ<-Please note:ᅠThese kits are usuallyᅠin stock and shipᅠfactory direct. If they are not in stock they may takeᅠup to ten days to build. Please allow time for shipping.->

The Patriot System comes in two different lengths with the following specifications

1) Fits Dump Bodies up to 23 feet in Length. 4-Spring External Mount, 60″ Lower Arm, Tarp Bows, Tarp Spool, & Apache Motor.ᅠ

2) Fits Dump Bodies up to 24 feet to 28 feet in Length. 5-Spring External Mount, 84″ Lower Arm, Tarp Bows, Tarp Spool, & Tomahawk Motor.


Which kit do I need? Dump beds up to 28 feet long can use the external mount. Dump beds 28 feet and longer need the underbody mount system.

Which tarp should I use? To select the tarp length generally you should add 2 feet to the length of the bed. Example: If your bed is 24 feet you should order a 26 foot long tarp.

The “Stealth” is also available in underbody or side rail spring mounts. The upper arms are versatile and may be interchangeable with your existing tarp covering system. In addition to the standard front to back system for dump bodies up to 23 feet, we offer a Bent Arm system for longer trailers and end dump applications up to 46 feet. The Bent Arm provides longer trailer bodies with a lower profile when covering a load compared to the high profile with a straight arm system.

Why a tarping kit? Load spill is considered dangerous and a criminal act. That is the reason why tarping load laws and the stiff penalties that go with breaking these laws were enacted. Every year there are hundreds of serious injuries because tarps act like a large parachute in flight if not carefully handled. It is time consuming, dangerous, and hard work to hand tarp loads. A tarping system is much safer and less time consuming than hand tarping.

Since 1998 Tarping Systems, Incᅠhas been in the business of manufacturing quality tarp & tarp covering systems.

Arrow HighwayᅠTruck Parts has been a supplierᅠto the CommercialᅠTrucking industry since 1978.ᅠFor more information call us at 877-54-ARROW or email us at logroller@arrowtruckparts.net.

Additional information

Weight 195 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 60 × 60 in
Mounting type

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